Why Is Buying Instagram Followers Bad?

The first item on the list is based on what Instagram itself highlights on the subject: any practice of spamming or artificially obtaining interactions (likes, posts, followers) can be considered a violation of the Community Guidelines, the Terms of Use, and the Platform Usage Policies.

Accounts that in any way violate these rules suffer various types of punishment. Lighter ones include removing likes, followers, and comments that were not made by real users. However, more severe cases lead to periods of suspension or permanent banishment from Instagram.

When buying USA Instagram followers, the number of profiles following you on the social network can dramatically increase overnight. However, Instagram has artificial intelligence tools that are capable of identifying suspicious movements, including a sudden jump in your number of followers.

Not only that: the social network can eliminate these profiles created by bots, which means that the momentary increase in the amount of “people” following you was of no use.

Instagram can remove multiple fake followers who follow a profile (Image: Kate Torline/Unsplash)

Possibly what everyone wants when buying Instagram followers is to raise the engagement rate. It turns out that this feature doesn’t just depend on numbers but on real interactions between real people, not robots or fake followers.

For this reason, it’s no use having a profile with many thousands of followers who don’t like, don’t comment, and don’t promote any organic engagement. Even when buying real Instagram followers, they are unlikely to be engaging constantly.

Following the engagement rate hook, another direct consequence of the practice of buying followers on Instagram is the low adherence to content on profiles with false followers.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes highlighting posts that pump up engagement — from the number of likes and comments to shares and the number of times the content was saved by users. You can have thousands of fake followers. But if no one interacts, the Instagram algorithm understands that your profile has no relevance.

In addition to low engagement on posts, buying Instagram followers can mask the real reach of your account on the platform. As most fake followers mix with real users, it is not possible to use the service’s metrics to devise growth strategies. It is even confusing to understand which posts performed better.