Tips To Attract New Instagram Followers The Right Way

There are several ways to gain followers on Instagram and some of them are not always ethical, and can even penalize your profile. Therefore, we advise you to beware of dubious practices such as buying followers, using bots, and participating in engagement groups.

Well, to help you on this growth journey, we’ve gathered 8 tips that will unlock your business on Instagram and attract even more customers. See below.

First of all, to get more followers on Instagram, you need to create quality content. After all, there’s no point in applying profile growth strategies if the content on your page doesn’t add anything to your audience. So focus on improving your content, adding posts that educate and inform, but also entertain.

How to do this? You need to understand your persona and identify what their pains, needs, desires, fears, habits, and behaviors are. Only then will you be able to create content that generates identification and connection with the audience.

Visual identity is a strong factor, as this social network is well known for its focus on images and videos. To attract new Instagram followers, you need a coherent identity that conveys the message you want.

If you sell children’s toys, for example, does it make sense to have an all-black feed? Of course not, because this color does not convey the joy of children. One way to avoid this lack of connection is to vary the colors used throughout the feed, for example.

Here are some tips to improve your visual identity on Insta:

  • Organize your feed: You can use organization apps like Preview;
  • Always try to use the same filter in the photos;
  • Use your visual identity color palette in the feed;
  • In the photos, highlight the product and create interesting scenarios.

Now that you’ve improved your visual identity and content, let’s move on to hashtags. It’s important to use them, as your post could end up appearing in the Explore section of Instagram. That means new people can find your profile.

To make your hashtag strategy work, do the following:

  • Use de 10 15 hashtags per post;
  • Don’t use hashtags that are too generic, like #lookdoday or #beachfashion. Try to specify more and focus on your niche;
  • Vary the hashtags in each post. Instagram doesn’t like profiles that always use the same group of hashtags, as it wants people to customize their posts;
  • Avoid using banned hashtags.

To gain more followers on Instagram, there is no way out: you need to be present on the social network. The more you post, the more the algorithm delivers your content. That way, don’t go too long without posting, as this will only result in your engagement dropping.

Also, post at the times and days that work best for you. You can see what they are through Instagram’s analytics tool: Instagram Insights.

The main purpose of social networks is relationships. Therefore, companies and creators that do not interact with their audience and that do not seek to network end up being harmed, as the algorithm highly values ​​interaction. So, it is important that you cultivate relationships on Instagram.

Try to comment on the posts of other brands and support the work of others. Otherwise, you don’t get support either. Also, never fail to reply to a comment or message. Leaving people in a vacuum not only reduces your engagement but also gives the impression that you don’t care about your customers. Therefore, also a caprice in SAC.

To get more followers on Instagram, you need to attract new types of audiences. And a cool way to do that is to create interactive content. The purpose of this content is to get as many people as possible to engage with your post, thus increasing its visibility.

There are a few strategies you can use to create this type of post:

  • Ask people to tag a friend (as long as it makes sense in the context of the post);
  • Ask people to share your story or post and tag your profile to win something exclusive (it can be free material );
  • Create stories with polls, quizzes, question boxes, and other interactive features.

When you get more interactions, Instagram understands that your content is relevant and deserves to be shown to more people. This is where the magic of the algorithm begins.

If you want to accelerate your growth, you can invest in marketing campaigns through Facebook Ads. The Facebook Ads tool is very complete, allowing you to segment your audience in various ways and for you to optimize the results.

You can pause the campaign, change it, and test other formats without breaking your budget. Instagram marketing campaigns guarantee followers faster but remember that it’s only worth investing if you already have good content on your profile. If not, prioritize qualifying your content first.

Companies can greatly benefit from partnerships with influencers and creators. Instagram is a nest full of content creators with crazed fans, so investing in influencer marketing can be a great move.

Of course, this requires a good amount of money, depending on the influencer you choose. But you can be sure that you will get more followers on Instagram. The fact is that sometimes people trust referrals from influencers more than ads. So, consider this strategy.