How To Partner With Digital Influencers On Instagram?

Digital influencers are successful on Instagram, they help to give visibility to the brand and increase the chances of new people knowing your profile!

If you count the potential they have to increase sales volume – since they are considered the second biggest source of influence in a purchase decision making.

Partnering with these influencers – who have the fit your company – will make the brand stand out on Instagram, be seen by more people, and, in addition to being seen, will also be desired by the public.

But it is necessary to pay attention to the choices about the type of influencer, affinity with the product, influence on the channel of action, type of partnership, and, above all, how the results will be monitored.

Promote contests and sweepstakes to attract more followersBrands that do giveaways on Instagram manage to increase the number of followers 70% faster than accounts that don’t, according to a study carried out by Tailwind.

In fact, the same research has shown that posts related to promotions on Instagram have approximately 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes compared to traditional posts.

What’s more, the study even found that 91% of all posts that reached more than 1,000 comments on Instagram are promotion posts. The data proves that by offering a benefit to users, the brand delivers value, conquers more interactions, and attracts more followers!

Stories also help you gain followers on Instagram!

People who don’t follow your profile can take a look at the Stories you’ve posted that day or that are in Highlights to see what kind of content you post — and whether it’s worth following or not.

In addition, they can appear in the Explore tab of the social network for users looking for posts from certain hashtags or locations.

But to create efficient stories, it’s no use making random posts just to meet the daily frequency. Stories must have a strategy behind them.

The sequence of stories must be well thought out. You can publish as many frames as you want, but it is recommended to use 1 to 7 frames. After that, the rate of those who watch the sequel to the end drops a lot.