How To Get Instagram Followers For Free?

Gaining followers on Instagram for free is the desire of content creators and brands that work on the social network. Interacting with followers, understanding the functioning of the social network algorithm and publishing posts at strategic times are examples of actions that, if put into practice, can bring positive results to the profile. The main advantage of gaining followers organically is greater user engagement with the page. When followers are purchased, on the other hand, the metric decreases.

The Instagram bio is one of the first sections that users come across when viewing your profile. If the person identifies with the content presented by you, the chances of them checking out your posts and following the account on the social network greatly increase.

The Instagram profile description section has space for a call to action — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

The profile feed also has a big influence on visitor impressions. That’s why it’s important to create a photo and video grid with a nice aesthetic. Remember to maintain a harmonious color palette, if possible. Also, it’s worth using a visual planning tool to keep your feed organized.

Instagram analyzes each account’s activity to target posts with the potential to interest users. Based on the content that the user consumes and interacts with frequently, the social network shows posts with which he is most likely to engage.

In the “Explore” and ” Reels ” sections, algorithms try to match profile tastes and habits to show you relevant content. Both take likes, shares, and posts saved by the profile into account.

Using hashtags strategically in publications can increase the reach of your post. By reaching more social network users, you are more likely to attract followers to your page. Later, a company specializing in tools focused on Instagram, analyzed 18 million posts in the social network feed and, when comparing posts with zero and 30 hashtags, concluded that the rate of reach of content using the feature increased by 11%.

Hashtags are keywords that must be related to the content posted. To find the best terms and add them to the captions of your posts, it’s worth using tools that suggest hashtags sorted by relevance, such as Hashtag Suggestion and Tags Finder.

Remember to avoid hashtags to gain Instagram followers, such as #sigodevolta and #likesforlikes. In general, they attract people interested only in superficial interactions.

Leverage post captions to capture the attention of page visitors and turn them into followers. Instagram supports up to 2,200 characters in the caption field, which allows you to write complete educational content. More relaxed publications, on the other hand, ask for smaller texts. The tactic is to rotate the types of content, but always pay attention to the clarity of the descriptions. Remember to use features like emojis and calls to action in your captions.

Instagram Reels can significantly boost your profile reach. That’s because when compared to photo posts, short videos appear four times more on the “Explore” page. It is worth noting that about 200 million people access this section every day. In addition, Reels’ format is dynamic and favors rapid consumption, which makes it very popular among users of the social network.

Tips for making successful Reels involve removing the TikTok watermark if the video has been edited on the competing social network, adding subtitles to the content, using high-quality audio, and following popular trends.

Instagram has several interaction tools for Stories, such as poll stickers, question boxes, and quizzes. According to the social network itself, these features were responsible for increasing three seconds of view time in 90% of the campaigns in tests.

How to gain followers on Instagram fast and free: interactions in Stories can help convert visitors into followers — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Interactions such as quizzes and quizzes can bring useful content about your profile or brand to the visitor in an interesting way, increasing the chances of that user becoming a follower. Opening and answering video question boxes is also a valid tip to connect with the audience.

The last tip to gain more Instagram followers is to promote your account on other social networks like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Thus, you can attract followers who follow you on other platforms to your profile in the app.