How To Invest In Sponsored Posts, That Doesn’t Just Depend On Organic Reach?

Increasingly, social networks, including Instagram, are decreasing the organic reach of posts. This was something already expected, after all, social networks live on advertising.

Today it is necessary to have a greater focus on promoting your publications in a paid way — that is, with ads, what we call Instagram Ads.

Depending on your level of knowledge in the area, you can hire an expert or you can start on your own, little by little.

But before you start, understand the fundamental concepts, such as the difference between boosting and creating ads, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot and kill your goals. It is also worth setting aside a fixed amount per month to do the tests!

We make our sponsored posts within the platform itself, and we also create advertisements to achieve the different marketing objectives that we outline according to each campaign.

In some cases, we do Dark Posts for targeted audiences, such as remarketing to people who have already visited our site but haven’t purchased a plan.

In others, we create ads inviting to Lives and webinars, for example. This way we can increase the reach and engagement of the content.

Reels are the post format that Instagram created to rival TikTok.

Not to say that it is the same as the competitor, Reels has some specific features and still has the differential of being inside Instagram, with the large user base that the social network already has.

As a new feature, the Instagram algorithm is prioritizing the delivery of this format. So by using Reels you increase your reach and your chances of getting more followers.

To take advantage of this format, you need to have a touch of creativity. You can inform, teach, entertain, and amuse, but you always need to be original and creative to engage the audience and deliver some value to the brand.

Did you know that the video format is so engaging that, according to research conducted by Hootsuite, it receives around 38% more engagements than images on Instagram?

So, take advantage of the format gaining more relevance in the feed – both in organic and paid posts – and create videos that catch the attention of your audience.

Did you know that the first few minutes after a post is published are crucial to increasing your reach?

Well, in a simplified way it works like this: Instagram analyzes whether the post pleased users as soon as it was published to see if it is worth showing it to more people.

This goes for those who already follow the profile or for those who are browsing the Explore tab. The better the post’s initial performance, the more likely it is to appear in Instagram suggestions.

But what does this mean for your strategies? That you should prioritize publications on the days and times when your followers are active on Instagram. That way, they see the posts right away and already like, comment and share.

We’ve already done several tests to see if this is true or not. And it really works! When we publish at times when followers are online, the posts tend to have greater reach.…

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