How To Gain Followers On Instagram: Which Is The Best Site?

Check out below the main options of websites to increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile.

For those who are looking to invest in their own profile to gain followers on Instagram quickly, we recommend BRSM.IO.

With the tool, you can acquire real Instagram followers and increase your profile visibility, credibility, and optimize engagement with those who follow you on the social network.

Impulsogram also provides other related services, such as acquiring likes, views of posts, stories, videos on IGTV and reels, comments, and more.

Advantages of gaining followers with BRSM is:

  • More credibility for your profile – users always look at the number of followers you have;
  • Helps drive organic growth;
  • Ideal for influencers;
  • Save time to grow your profile.

Just select the amounts and be sure that you will not need to provide access data to your account. In addition, BRSM offers 24/7 support to its customers.

The turbine provides digital marketing services for today’s main social networks.

By subscribing to the follower’s plan for Instagram you can receive up to 21 thousand followers per month!

You Might Be Thinking: What About Engagement?

Turbine thinks of all the details when helping profiles that seek to promote their brand and business on Instagram.

Because of that, she offers a complete combo for you to REALLY stand out in such a disputed environment!

In addition to delivering followers on your profile, every day, organically, the site will also boost your publications!

You Can Get Up To 350 Likes For Each New Post!

The plans also provide automatic previews with every new video post for Stories and Reels.

Detail: Likes and views will be delivered to unlimited publications, that is, regardless of how much content you post per day, you will receive the likes and views determined in the chosen plan.

With BRSM, you can gain from 17 to 220 real and Brazilian followers every day on your Instagram profile. No need to enter the password or follow anyone back!

BRSM is one of the best platforms for increasing followers on Instagram, the company stands out with a unique way of offering daily follower gains, making your Instagram grow organically and with quality.

In addition, the platform guarantees that the followers are of excellent quality, all with real and Brazilian profiles.

With multiple monthly plan options, you can choose the one that best fits your business and your budget. Be sure to go to the official page and check it out.

There are currently over 100,000 users who have already taken advantage of this powerful tool to gain followers and drive engagement on Instagram.

This is another excellent site to gain followers on Instagram, and the best thing is that you won’t need to provide your password to take advantage of the solution, which makes this option very safe and reliable.

The sociogram works as follows. They have a follower exchange platform where regular people use it to follow people in exchange for followers.

What they do is point your profile within that platform as a “recommended” profile and these people will follow your profile organically.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to follow anyone, because they don’t need your profile password. Take advantage of your profile boost to make lives on Instagram and leverage your brand.

This platform has Monthly and Quarterly plan options. In both you can choose which option best fits your profile, check the official website.

By choosing BRSM, your profile will begin to grow daily with 100% real and Brazilian followers, always focusing on quality to deliver the best solution for your Instagram profile!

Melinda is a solution that allows you to leverage your number of Instagram followers, Story views, likes on your publications, and much more. These goals were achieved after gaining real and Brazilian followers through the platform.

Basically, they offer a follower exchange platform, where real people use this platform to follow other profiles in exchange for followers, so your profile will be seen as a “recommended profile”, thus attracting more followers.

Rest assured, similar to BRSM, presented earlier, you won’t need to follow anyone, this is guaranteed by the fact that they don’t ask for your password at any time.

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Tips To Attract New Instagram Followers The Right Way

There are several ways to gain followers on Instagram and some of them are not always ethical, and can even penalize your profile. Therefore, we advise you to beware of dubious practices such as buying followers, using bots, and participating in engagement groups.

Well, to help you on this growth journey, we’ve gathered 8 tips that will unlock your business on Instagram and attract even more customers. See below.

First of all, to get more followers on Instagram, you need to create quality content. After all, there’s no point in applying profile growth strategies if the content on your page doesn’t add anything to your audience. So focus on improving your content, adding posts that educate and inform, but also entertain.

How to do this? You need to understand your persona and identify what their pains, needs, desires, fears, habits, and behaviors are. Only then will you be able to create content that generates identification and connection with the audience.

Visual identity is a strong factor, as this social network is well known for its focus on images and videos. To attract new Instagram followers, you need a coherent identity that conveys the message you want.

If you sell children’s toys, for example, does it make sense to have an all-black feed? Of course not, because this color does not convey the joy of children. One way to avoid this lack of connection is to vary the colors used throughout the feed, for example.

Here are some tips to improve your visual identity on Insta:

  • Organize your feed: You can use organization apps like Preview;
  • Always try to use the same filter in the photos;
  • Use your visual identity color palette in the feed;
  • In the photos, highlight the product and create interesting scenarios.

Now that you’ve improved your visual identity and content, let’s move on to hashtags. It’s important to use them, as your post could end up appearing in the Explore section of Instagram. That means new people can find your profile.

To make your hashtag strategy work, do the following:

  • Use de 10 15 hashtags per post;
  • Don’t use hashtags that are too generic, like #lookdoday or #beachfashion. Try to specify more and focus on your niche;
  • Vary the hashtags in each post. Instagram doesn’t like profiles that always use the same group of hashtags, as it wants people to customize their posts;
  • Avoid using banned hashtags.

To gain more followers on Instagram, there is no way out: you need to be present on the social network. The more you post, the more the algorithm delivers your content. That way, don’t go too long without posting, as this will only result in your engagement dropping.

Also, post at the times and days that work best for you. You can see what they are through Instagram’s analytics tool: Instagram Insights.

The main purpose of social networks is relationships. Therefore, companies and creators that do not interact with their audience and that do not seek to network end up being harmed, as the algorithm highly values ​​interaction. So, it is important that you cultivate relationships on Instagram.

Try to comment on the posts of other brands and support the work of others. Otherwise, you don’t get support either. Also, never fail to reply to a comment or message. Leaving people in a vacuum not only reduces your engagement but also gives the impression that you don’t care about your customers. Therefore, also a caprice in SAC.

To get more followers on Instagram, you need to attract new types of audiences. And a cool way to do that is to create interactive content. The purpose of this content is to get as many people as possible to engage with your post, thus increasing its visibility.

There are a few strategies you can use to create this type of post:

  • Ask people to tag a friend (as long as it makes sense in the context of the post);
  • Ask people to share your story or post and tag your profile to win something exclusive (it can be free material );
  • Create stories with polls, quizzes, question boxes, and other interactive features.

When you get more interactions, Instagram understands that your content is relevant and deserves to be shown to more people. This is where the magic of the algorithm begins.

If you want to accelerate your growth, you can invest in marketing campaigns through Facebook Ads. The Facebook Ads tool is very complete, allowing you to segment your audience in various ways and for you to optimize the results.

You can pause the campaign, change it, and test other formats without breaking your budget. Instagram marketing campaigns guarantee followers faster but remember that it’s only worth investing if you already have good content on your profile. If not, prioritize qualifying your content first.

Companies can greatly benefit from partnerships with influencers and creators. Instagram is a nest full of content creators with crazed fans, so investing in influencer marketing can be a great move.

Of course, this requires a good amount of money, depending on the influencer you choose. But you can be sure that you will get more followers on Instagram. The fact is that sometimes people trust referrals from influencers more than ads. So, consider this strategy.…

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How To Get Instagram Followers For Free?

Gaining followers on Instagram for free is the desire of content creators and brands that work on the social network. Interacting with followers, understanding the functioning of the social network algorithm and publishing posts at strategic times are examples of actions that, if put into practice, can bring positive results to the profile. The main advantage of gaining followers organically is greater user engagement with the page. When followers are purchased, on the other hand, the metric decreases.

The Instagram bio is one of the first sections that users come across when viewing your profile. If the person identifies with the content presented by you, the chances of them checking out your posts and following the account on the social network greatly increase.

The Instagram profile description section has space for a call to action — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

The profile feed also has a big influence on visitor impressions. That’s why it’s important to create a photo and video grid with a nice aesthetic. Remember to maintain a harmonious color palette, if possible. Also, it’s worth using a visual planning tool to keep your feed organized.

Instagram analyzes each account’s activity to target posts with the potential to interest users. Based on the content that the user consumes and interacts with frequently, the social network shows posts with which he is most likely to engage.

In the “Explore” and ” Reels ” sections, algorithms try to match profile tastes and habits to show you relevant content. Both take likes, shares, and posts saved by the profile into account.

Using hashtags strategically in publications can increase the reach of your post. By reaching more social network users, you are more likely to attract followers to your page. Later, a company specializing in tools focused on Instagram, analyzed 18 million posts in the social network feed and, when comparing posts with zero and 30 hashtags, concluded that the rate of reach of content using the feature increased by 11%.

Hashtags are keywords that must be related to the content posted. To find the best terms and add them to the captions of your posts, it’s worth using tools that suggest hashtags sorted by relevance, such as Hashtag Suggestion and Tags Finder.

Remember to avoid hashtags to gain Instagram followers, such as #sigodevolta and #likesforlikes. In general, they attract people interested only in superficial interactions.

Leverage post captions to capture the attention of page visitors and turn them into followers. Instagram supports up to 2,200 characters in the caption field, which allows you to write complete educational content. More relaxed publications, on the other hand, ask for smaller texts. The tactic is to rotate the types of content, but always pay attention to the clarity of the descriptions. Remember to use features like emojis and calls to action in your captions.

Instagram Reels can significantly boost your profile reach. That’s because when compared to photo posts, short videos appear four times more on the “Explore” page. It is worth noting that about 200 million people access this section every day. In addition, Reels’ format is dynamic and favors rapid consumption, which makes it very popular among users of the social network.

Tips for making successful Reels involve removing the TikTok watermark if the video has been edited on the competing social network, adding subtitles to the content, using high-quality audio, and following popular trends.

Instagram has several interaction tools for Stories, such as poll stickers, question boxes, and quizzes. According to the social network itself, these features were responsible for increasing three seconds of view time in 90% of the campaigns in tests.

How to gain followers on Instagram fast and free: interactions in Stories can help convert visitors into followers — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Interactions such as quizzes and quizzes can bring useful content about your profile or brand to the visitor in an interesting way, increasing the chances of that user becoming a follower. Opening and answering video question boxes is also a valid tip to connect with the audience.

The last tip to gain more Instagram followers is to promote your account on other social networks like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Thus, you can attract followers who follow you on other platforms to your profile in the app.…

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Why Is Buying Instagram Followers Bad?

The first item on the list is based on what Instagram itself highlights on the subject: any practice of spamming or artificially obtaining interactions (likes, posts, followers) can be considered a violation of the Community Guidelines, the Terms of Use, and the Platform Usage Policies.

Accounts that in any way violate these rules suffer various types of punishment. Lighter ones include removing likes, followers, and comments that were not made by real users. However, more severe cases lead to periods of suspension or permanent banishment from Instagram.

When buying USA Instagram followers, the number of profiles following you on the social network can dramatically increase overnight. However, Instagram has artificial intelligence tools that are capable of identifying suspicious movements, including a sudden jump in your number of followers.

Not only that: the social network can eliminate these profiles created by bots, which means that the momentary increase in the amount of “people” following you was of no use.

Instagram can remove multiple fake followers who follow a profile (Image: Kate Torline/Unsplash)

Possibly what everyone wants when buying Instagram followers is to raise the engagement rate. It turns out that this feature doesn’t just depend on numbers but on real interactions between real people, not robots or fake followers.

For this reason, it’s no use having a profile with many thousands of followers who don’t like, don’t comment, and don’t promote any organic engagement. Even when buying real Instagram followers, they are unlikely to be engaging constantly.

Following the engagement rate hook, another direct consequence of the practice of buying followers on Instagram is the low adherence to content on profiles with false followers.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes highlighting posts that pump up engagement — from the number of likes and comments to shares and the number of times the content was saved by users. You can have thousands of fake followers. But if no one interacts, the Instagram algorithm understands that your profile has no relevance.

In addition to low engagement on posts, buying Instagram followers can mask the real reach of your account on the platform. As most fake followers mix with real users, it is not possible to use the service’s metrics to devise growth strategies. It is even confusing to understand which posts performed better.…

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How To Invest In Sponsored Posts, That Doesn’t Just Depend On Organic Reach?

Increasingly, social networks, including Instagram, are decreasing the organic reach of posts. This was something already expected, after all, social networks live on advertising.

Today it is necessary to have a greater focus on promoting your publications in a paid way — that is, with ads, what we call Instagram Ads.

Depending on your level of knowledge in the area, you can hire an expert or you can start on your own, little by little.

But before you start, understand the fundamental concepts, such as the difference between boosting and creating ads, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot and kill your goals. It is also worth setting aside a fixed amount per month to do the tests!

We make our sponsored posts within the platform itself, and we also create advertisements to achieve the different marketing objectives that we outline according to each campaign.

In some cases, we do Dark Posts for targeted audiences, such as remarketing to people who have already visited our site but haven’t purchased a plan.

In others, we create ads inviting to Lives and webinars, for example. This way we can increase the reach and engagement of the content.

Reels are the post format that Instagram created to rival TikTok.

Not to say that it is the same as the competitor, Reels has some specific features and still has the differential of being inside Instagram, with the large user base that the social network already has.

As a new feature, the Instagram algorithm is prioritizing the delivery of this format. So by using Reels you increase your reach and your chances of getting more followers.

To take advantage of this format, you need to have a touch of creativity. You can inform, teach, entertain, and amuse, but you always need to be original and creative to engage the audience and deliver some value to the brand.

Did you know that the video format is so engaging that, according to research conducted by Hootsuite, it receives around 38% more engagements than images on Instagram?

So, take advantage of the format gaining more relevance in the feed – both in organic and paid posts – and create videos that catch the attention of your audience.

Did you know that the first few minutes after a post is published are crucial to increasing your reach?

Well, in a simplified way it works like this: Instagram analyzes whether the post pleased users as soon as it was published to see if it is worth showing it to more people.

This goes for those who already follow the profile or for those who are browsing the Explore tab. The better the post’s initial performance, the more likely it is to appear in Instagram suggestions.

But what does this mean for your strategies? That you should prioritize publications on the days and times when your followers are active on Instagram. That way, they see the posts right away and already like, comment and share.

We’ve already done several tests to see if this is true or not. And it really works! When we publish at times when followers are online, the posts tend to have greater reach.…

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How To Partner With Digital Influencers On Instagram?

Digital influencers are successful on Instagram, they help to give visibility to the brand and increase the chances of new people knowing your profile!

If you count the potential they have to increase sales volume – since they are considered the second biggest source of influence in a purchase decision making.

Partnering with these influencers – who have the fit your company – will make the brand stand out on Instagram, be seen by more people, and, in addition to being seen, will also be desired by the public.

But it is necessary to pay attention to the choices about the type of influencer, affinity with the product, influence on the channel of action, type of partnership, and, above all, how the results will be monitored.

Promote contests and sweepstakes to attract more followersBrands that do giveaways on Instagram manage to increase the number of followers 70% faster than accounts that don’t, according to a study carried out by Tailwind.

In fact, the same research has shown that posts related to promotions on Instagram have approximately 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes compared to traditional posts.

What’s more, the study even found that 91% of all posts that reached more than 1,000 comments on Instagram are promotion posts. The data proves that by offering a benefit to users, the brand delivers value, conquers more interactions, and attracts more followers!

Stories also help you gain followers on Instagram!

People who don’t follow your profile can take a look at the Stories you’ve posted that day or that are in Highlights to see what kind of content you post — and whether it’s worth following or not.

In addition, they can appear in the Explore tab of the social network for users looking for posts from certain hashtags or locations.

But to create efficient stories, it’s no use making random posts just to meet the daily frequency. Stories must have a strategy behind them.

The sequence of stories must be well thought out. You can publish as many frames as you want, but it is recommended to use 1 to 7 frames. After that, the rate of those who watch the sequel to the end drops a lot.

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